Here is where you will find the latest updates on Odom Yachts.

With regard to the current build manual:
It appears to me that there might be 2 critical errors in the new instruction manual.
The new manual states:
Distance from Bow to Jib Sheet exit hole: 13 3/8″
Distance from Bow to Main Sheet exit hole: 28″
*Please hold off on any part of the build that may include these placements until we post the correct numbers. We hope to have this resolved in the coming days

We now have updated info. on the deck measurements and have included a plan view of the deck with all measurements (this is missing in the instructions). Also we have included more detailed information with regards to the main boom assembly and the jib club assembly.
These new deck dimensions are modified and updated to include the very latest in rigging placement that the current winning boats are using. We recognize that these dimensions are a bit different than the standard used more than 5 years ago but George Ribeiro is fully standing by the latest numbers.
Of course you may want to vary these numbers as you see fit, but we want you to have the latest info that the top racers are using.



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